Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama is Dead, Jokes Aren't!!

So, we all know the BIG news of this year!! OSAMA shot dead by US Army.
And no matter how serious implications this may have, but we humans manage to find humour in anything and everything. Honestly, in my opinion this is far better than scaring people with posting photos of dead Osama's face on FB profiles!!!

This is what I received today as an email:-

Hilarious, isn't it!!! :)


  1. No event in world takes place without Rajni.Got many rajnikanth forwards. "Rajni was teaching his granson how to use a toy gun in Chennai,and finally Osama killed by mistake in Pakistan.

  2. I agree.Now I am kind of tired of Rajni Jokes.
    Indian Humour needs a new character!!

  3. I think it is all because he chose Christian sounding city ABBOTtabad to hide. So Allah got angry or something?

  4. I am sure he didn't care about Allah or any form of God..
    and for the Jokes, its just the way our race prefers to avoid thinking and reviving the terror he had created!