Monday, February 27, 2012

I Miss You...

I knew this would happen, but to this extent, I was not sure.

Life @Delhi  has become hectic. Travelling 2-3 hours daily  that too in public transport drains you completely on office days.And with B-school calls looming over my head, weekend pretty much evaporates in mock group discussions and interviews. The time that is left goes away in family interactions and household tasks.

Initially, I had thought that you might get lost in the nitty-gritty of the fast paced life here, the memories would slowly fade into the background, becoming less visible. But, somehow you still manage to find a place in my thoughts.And not just for a flash, but you trigger a series of memories one after the other making me miss you more and more.During the long daily travel, the quiet hours at office, during the silent walk to home, I remember the days I spent with you eating, drinking, laughing, roaming, dancing...its like a warm breeze caressing my soul. But when I realize you are nowhere near, the same breeze leaves me feeling cold. You make me realize the vacuum that was created when we parted ways.

It's not as if we have lost touch.Nor have you forgotten me, I am sure. But the fact that your life remains unaffected by my absence,makes my heart ache. It has not even been a complete month since I have been away. Somehow, you also haven't made an effort to make me feel home away from home.You didn't console me , you didn't bother me again and again to check on me, to make sure I wasn't feeling lonely.

May be I am exaggerating, may be its just the fact that my mind takes a lot of time to get attuned to the change, or may be its 'coz I am too insecure to lose you, your touch, your company, your essence in my life.You will never know how you changed my life.May be some day we will unite again.. adding new dimensions to our relation and new memories to cherish.. Till then I just want you to know that...

I Miss You.....


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thought of the Day

Pleasures of Staying at home #1

Whenever you are leaving, there are hands waving you goodbye. And the glint in their eyes  makes  you know that at the end of the day, they'll waiting for you to come back :)!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A few days back, I didn't knew I could feel contented and happy this way.
In the last couple of months, I have experienced a lot of anger, frustration ,happiness, love, joy, pain and all kinds of emotions.But what I have come to realize today is that what one really needs to feel contented is being able to love and embrace it. Love can come in various dimensions, family, friends, relatives or the someone special. To know you care for somebody and who cares for you too. And after that presence or absence doesn't matter much. Being together becomes superficial. There is this sacred thing that I am coming in terms with...:)!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Coming!!

It's almost two weeks now since I came back from Hyderabad to my native place,Saddi Delhi :)!!. Wanted to write this sooner, but I guess better late than never.

First thing first, I miss 'The City of  Nawabs" badly!!Not much of the place but more of my friends, the company I had there even at office, those who never made me feel away from home.And the boring Delhi office without much work is helping me in no way. Above all, the kind of people I have met here is really strange ( Already had my share of weird instances with colleagues). Anyhow I take a lot of time to gel up with new people, so I have  a long way to go before I begin to feel at home in terms of my Office. BTW, all the guys seems to having a  nice time.. since the new office seems to have a VERY GOOD gender ratio (Am I sounding a little insecure here ??!!:P) and that too Delhi crowd.. so they are the ones not complaining at all!!!
The first week, although , was pretty good, highlight being the Dinner Party at the TRIDENT!!(I am still child like excited when it comes to going to these big places and  later boosting it to friends:P!!)

Home front, its been great!! Ghar ka khana, having every meal with the family , time to time arguments and quarrels on stupid issues all part and parcel of the never-ending family fun!! Parents and Kavita seem super happy!! Kavita btw is more excited  to see all my stuff I had accumulated in Hyderabad  that arrived just two days back ( A major part of it consists of clothes, accessories and cosmetics) !!:P

And I am back to my school routine these days, waking up at 7 early in the morning and travelling through the Green line DTC buses to my Office in Gurgaon , coming back,  having dinner and going to bed at 11 at night. Strangely, I had no troubles switching my routine even  though  the Hyderabad one was almost opposite, sleeping at 3-4 am and walking up at 11am!!! That's actually the best part about Delhi , I never ever have to adjust to its lifestyle.. I am just so used to it :)!!
Apart from all this , I got some good news within days of my landing in Delhi. Got a few B-school calls , so weekends are again getting hectic. And sadly, that's also going to keep me away from meeting my school and college friends who I haven't seen in ages!!! :(

But I am going to make plans soon.Dying to have some college-type fun.Nevertheless, Delhi seems to be treating me well as of now... though Hyderabad will always be missed!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

No Regrets.. WhatSoEver!!

You came, you pursued, you convinced, you loved and cared , you had fun, and then you went away...
This is what I see it as now.... What  I lost in the process was nothing in comparison to what you did..I mean after all those efforts of yours, all that time you spent even when you didn't really had much time.. something that keeps on consoling me.. keeps on giving me the strength to keep moving ahead  whenever I wish hard the time stops and rolls back to the time when everything was so rosy... Even though I still wish I could get some answers ...
Sometimes it better to end some chapters of life abruptly..even when they don't end the way you wished!!!