Saturday, March 26, 2011

Landing on Heaven!!!

Yes, you guessed it right ..I am talking about Saddi DELHI!!Finally, I am back at home to take a break from the monotonous work !!

And what an amazing flight I had from Hyderabad.'Cuz of the three reasons, which I'll definitely tell by the end of this post!

Day before I was so anxious,I just wanted to move out of my work place.Something was ringing in my head that probably this would be the last time I am going on vacations to my home town( which I hope comes true and I shift back permanently to my City of Hearts!!)And once I packed all  my bags, I got engulfed by the wonderful thoughts of family and friends!!

So coming back to the three reasons..
First one .. I didn't leave for the airport alone.. as the last two times.. It wasn't all that gloomy to begin with!!

Second , the Spice jet actually added some Spice to my journey since this time there were some male staff on board rather than the over make-upped puffed haired air-hostesses;) !And I bet I saw the Cutest Guy on earth (or practically on air).!:)
I had this Huge laptop bag with me. So instead of keeping it in the cabinet on my own.. I sat on my Window seat with the big bag on my lap to invite the cute guy to offer his help!!(Cribbing at the same time why did  I get my Aisle seat changed !)
But even that didn't turn out well.. since the Uncle next to my seat was so generous to ask me to help put my bag on the rack above!! And I had to oblige.
So, I had no other option but to get engrossed with the book!! Only to realise  that my water bottle was missing and I still had a chance to exchange some words with him!!:)

But the best part was when the lights on the plane were switched off  and and I had the chance to gaze outside!!The ground below looked like a maze of lights forming amazingly beautiful shapes and forms.What a view it was .. wish I could just capture that in my camera!
And as we were landing, I could see tiny slow moving LEDs which were actually cars:P!!I got so engrossed with the view  that I almost forgot about the guy!!:P
And finally when  my feet touched the ground,I just couldn't stop humming.. DDDDD.. Delhi ...DDDelhi..!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Running Away.....

At one moment I want to stay..
The other, I'm off to somewhere far..
Where i cant even have
a glimpse of my past!!!

Sometimes I talk a lot..
It's just to stop those thoughts!!
Sometimes I'm dead quiet...
'Cuz at those times I have lost my war!!

Don't know what's best for me
Don't know what I should pray for..
The mind and heart
Just stay far apart!!!

Hope I could just tell someone
Its hard to swallow it alone!!
I know it feels stupid to say..
But I feel like running away!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Earthquake and the SuperMoon!!

Its so disheartening to see thousands of people dieing , suffering and waiting helplessly with no real fault of their own. Except they just happened to be at the place Nature played its havoc on.

I feel so sad looking at all those reports and images.And its even more painful to realise that no matter how strongly we feel for them, we can't revert the mis-happenings. We can just hope things would get better as soon as possible with global organisations coming forward to help Japan in this tough time.

I came to know about the happening only at early evening when I overheard some of my colleagues at office talking about it (Ya , I am bad at reading newspapers).It was only after I got back home that I was able to watch the news.And that's when I heard some reporter talking about the Super Moon(term coined by astrologer Richard Nolle)...

The fact that Moon is going to be closest to our Earth and will be in full phase at the same time on March 19,has triggered an argument between astronomers and the astrologers that whether this closeness to Moon has any role in the calamity.

AccuWeather quotes an astronomy blogger,
"There were Super Moons in 1955, 1974, 1992 and 2005. These years had their share of extreme weather and other natural events. Is the Super Moon and these natural occurrences a coincidence? Some would say yes; some would say no. I'm not here to pick sides and say I'm a believer or non-believer in subjects like this..."

There have been documents all sorts of coinciding extreme weather events that have occurred around past Super moons.
Hurricane Katrina made land on the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005, which was 10 days after the Super Moon for that month. The 1938 New England hurricane happened on Sept. 21, three weeks after a Super Moon. Australia's Hunter River experienced mass flooding and property destruction in February 1955, two whole months before and after bookending Super Moons.The last extreme super moon occurred on January 10, 2005, right around the time of the 9.0 Indonesia earthquake.

Although there are strong facts supporting the concept,there are people who strongly believe them to be nothing more than coincidences and that natural disasters have nothing to with the moon at all.
One of the reason given by the astronomers is that the natural calamities taking place on earth are because of pent up energy below the surface  due to Earth's rotation, the energy radiated by the Sun and many more factors. And the Moon' contribution, if any, is very small compared to these massive factors.(Read more at Bad astronomy)

So the question still remains...whether there is any involvement of Super Moon in the Japan earthquake or whether the proximity of Moon has any legitimate scientific link to Natural Hazards??
After reading so many thoughts in a short while even my head is buzzing. What really is the truth?

This calamity has actually sent out a panic message across the globe.Although nothing really can be done about it.We, humans have the tendency to link events to each other in a strange way even when there is not much of a connection.Skeptics refer to this as "Correlation does not imply causation". In other words, just because two things happen near the same time or place doesn’t mean one actually caused the other. Out of such things are superstitions born.

I have been a strong believer of scientific logic.That's why I think its just a time to keep our calm and strength together and take the necessary precautions to be able to survive in case of any calamity and help whenever the need arises.

"We are not making things better by panicking over something not real."

What say??

Friday, March 11, 2011

Once in a while...

It happens once in a while..
When you feel like the only one around..
You have no reason..
But u still want to cry!!

When you want to be with the One
Who wont tell you to stop...
But will quietly wipe out each drop...
Coming out of your eye!!

Who won't ask you..
To tell something interesting..
But listen to the same things in your life
Like it was new everytime!!

Who will just be..
The easy one to be around..
Even when you won't feel like saying..
but words will  simply pour out!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The thoughts keep playing in my mind,
No matter how much I try...
They seem hard to crack...
Don't know why??

The voices are soo clear
Still don't know what they want to Say!!
They keep going round n round..
Making a whirlpool in my mind!!!

Wish my mind was a silicon chip
I could eraze the file of thoughts
Just with a click!!!

Wish my mind was a radio
Switch it on and off..
Atleast I could just tune out those thoughts!!!

But I know Its not so..
Have to just bear them..
Till one day they rest in peace..
and let me go FREE!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Dilemma continues.....

I'll be brutally honest..
At this very point of my life I am not sure about anything in my life!!

Am I satisfied with my job??? Do I want to go ahead with higher studies?? Do I want to go back and work in Delhi? Have I really fallen for somebody?? Do I really like writing or its just this phase?

I don't know answers to any of the above questions.. and I am not even getting hints from around....

I am trying hard to get hold of that " inner voice" ,but I really can't hear it apart from garbled up noises in my mind. To the extent  that I believe it would have been  kind if they were totally absent.It's as if i am just walking on a deserted lane turning aimlessly wherever the road bends!!!!

Its kind of disturbing sometimes, to realise I have already spent almost one third of my life and I am still clueless what I want out of the remaining two third of it!!! 
In simple words, I don't know where my life is heading..(Just like this post!!)

In fact I was more sure about my life when I was giving my 10 n 12th board exams.. huhhh.!!Life really becomes complex at it gets old!!!
Everyday I sit alone, trying to tune into what my mind is wants or what my heart craves for...
But the answers are either impossibly stupid or absent altogether!!

I guess I'll just have to wait for that one clue that will make it clear and give me some, if not all answers, my life needs!!!
Till than I'll be busy Reading, Writing and Dancing to the un-tuned songs of my life !!!:):)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sometimes its hard to believe...
One can feel soo strong...
Sometimes when you think its forever ..
It takes just a while to part...

Sometimes I talk a lot..
Its just to stop those thoughts !!!
Sometimes I am dead quiet...
'Coz at those times I have lost my war....

Don't know whats best for me
Don't know what I should pray for..
The mind & heart are never at peace..
If only I could figure out...
What they need!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feels like Deja Vu....

It feels like Deja Vu
'Cuz its been true!!
Somewhere deep down the past lane
I have felt the same....
Only the characters have changed..

I thought life gave me another chance..
But it was too late to realise
That it was just a myth!!!

I have tried to come out
of the Chains of past ...
But now i feel...
It will probably never last!!!!