Monday, February 28, 2011

Strange Saturday: A Boring "Wedding" but a grand "Reception" Dinner!! ;)

So After the freaking Friday here was the weekend and we all friends wanted to make the most out of it!!We had huge hopes from the movie "Tanu weds Manu" 'coz of some rocking songs in the promos and we had booked the tickets in advance.

But we didn't have the slightest idea that it would be such a big disappointment!!!!
I wanted to walk out but somehow we stayed ,in the hope that something will come up to excite us and feel good about the over all picture.But Kangana kept on with her loose acting and loud make up to ruin the efforts being put by supporting cast and Madhavan!!

Then, finally the nightmare got over.We sulked a bit over it,Me doing the most part of it and exaggerating my comments(now I feel Kangana has somehow managed to get into me at that time!!!)
Then we went off to wish one of office friend who was recently gifted with a lovely baby girl 'PARI'!!!
And it was really worth it, seeing the cutie. Although she looked a bit fragile, but that couldn't take away the innocence and the softness from her.I was too scared to even touch her and hurt her!!

And as all this was going on,we all were all having hunger pangs!!So we all headed to Bikanerwala which we heard was near by.But even that 5-10 minutes journey in the auto felt like eternity :P!!And finally we reached.

Personally for me it was heaven to just even enter it..the whole feel of Delhi came back!!!
And i know all delhities (or rather Northies) would identify with me.The whole essence and smell of food like that cannot have that anywhere else in this world!!!
In Delhi, Bikanerwala used to be a regular eating out joint for me and my friends.Now that i was all excited, we ordered loads of food. starting from chole bhature, pav bhaji, dhokla khandwi, aloo tikki, papdi chat and not to forget panipuri!!:)
And although we all gulped everything so fast .. that we were stomach-full very soon,but we couldn't stop but have the desserts.So we had lassi and faluda to just give it a perfect ending!!
And apart we all got ourselves packed a box of sweets as gifts!!;)

So although the "Wedding" wasn't that great,but we thoroughly enjoyed the "RECEPTION" at  Bikanerwala!!:)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I 'll be waiting...

The sun rises and reaches above,
When i wake up,
You are there...
In the thoughts of my mind..
And I wait to see you near!!

Then the day goes by,
And I wish I could stay.
But my mind fights back to make me leave,
'Coz it's difficult to see and bear
That You hardly Care!!

But still the hope is there,
All night I am up...
Just in wait of the Buzz
That is hard to come....

And when i give up fighting 
I just sleep and say in heart that...
I' ll be waiting....

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's a Different Feeling!!!!!

Its a different feeling,
When you turn around....
Don't even say a 'Hi' ..
Just wink with an eye...

And my eyes follow you till the end..
When the hint of your shadow just dissappears..
and smile of my face lasts a mile!!!!:) :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My creations!!!!:)

A few days back , I posted an ambigram here.. but I am not sure if many people know what it really is.I ll come to that.. but a short story before that...

Only a few people know , that apart from dancing I have another passion . And that is painting.
But some how  in the "Rat Race" to come first everywhere..the paint brushes and the colour pens got ignored..

Some time back in  college, a  junior of mine told me about a new art "AMBIGRAMS". It was not only interesting but challenging with ever new thing you try to create..

To here I was again with my pens and pencils..

"Ambigrams are basically typographical designs which may be read as one or more word in its form as presented but also from another viewpoint , orientation and direction."

Below is one of such art form that i have tried to create...


Friday, February 18, 2011

From the End to the Beginning!!!

I realised that I have stayed away from my blog for too long. So many things have happened since I last wrote.And so much is still going on,which I want to write about.
But that isn't the only reason.

Being at a new place (Although its almost 8 months here) among new people(Even when I have grown close to a few of them), it's difficult to find a person with whom the words could come out without the effort!!

I figured out it was best to talk to my blog, for two simple reasons:-

1) It won't give me raised eyebrows ^ ^ while i talk about some things.
2) And It won't get to know more than what I say from my face...( both things my friends are good at!!!!)

So where should I start from???
The end of college life or the beginning of the office life ....

~~~From spending day and night doing vella panti on campus  to being irritated sitting without work in office
~~~Returning to the same chaotic but cheerful home after college to coming back from office to an empty silent house
~~~From desperately waiting for weekends to end  to go back to college friends.. to having "Thank God its Friday" feeling on almost all Fridays..
~~~From having mom-cooked Rajma Chawal  on Sunday Lunch to making Maggi dishearteningly or skipping lunch altogether

Do i miss my previous life ??
Well can't say about that since there are things that i have started to like...

--->Doing something without giving it too much a thought
--->Staying out of home late night
--->Watching senseless movies for a single reason of having nothing else to do
--->Going out to eat just to try out the new restaurant that has opened down the street( or actually  because I don't feel like cooking at home:P)
--->And saying 'Yes' for things i would have otherwise definitely said no to !!!

The two lives, contradicting though, have now become a part of me.
And I don't want to let go of any one of them.I guess I just want to have... "The Best of Both Worlds" !!!! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Creations!!

(Nupur /Mayur)

One of my latest Ambigrams !!!
Watch Out this space for more....

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Facebook Effect"

Nobody today would deny that Facebook is bringing the world together. Despite its modest beginning as a college project of a Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has become a powerful tool with unprecedented influence across modern life. It has not only changed the way people communicate today but also how organizations and government reach out to the general public.

It has grown from being restricted only to Harvard crowd to having users spanning across different generations, geographies, cultures and languages. Initially, it started as a plaything among college students. But today, it has become a routine part of lives of millions of people (its membership is now over 400 million).

As a new form of communication, it has lead to strange interpersonal and social effects. The Facebook effect happens when it puts people in touch with each other often unexpectedly, about a common experience, interest, problem or cause. This is because Ideas on Facebook have the ability to rush across groups and to bring awareness simultaneously with ease.

The foundation of this open and transparent communication was put in policy and practice based on real identity. On Facebook, it is important to be your real self without which you will not be able to interact effectively with your friends.
The owners of Facebook have tried to keep Facebook simple, clean and uncluttered while putting innovative ideas and running new applications on it. Through News Feed, Facebook Connect, etc. Facebook has tried to make communication more efficient and intimate.

Since privacy has been a central concern for its users, Facebook has continued to come up with more simplified and improved privacy controls to protect the user data from being misused.

Even though critics continue to argue that the young people spending whole day on Facebook are losing their ability to recognize and experience change and excitement in the real world, the membership has continued to grow. Every month billions of data gets uploaded on Facebook including trivial announcements, birthday greeting, weighty announcements, political provocations, invitations and it is already the largest photo sharing site on internet.

The rate and scale of growth has no doubt raised complicated social, political, regulatory and policy issues But still, Facebook remains one of the biggest expression of globalization today.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you do not change, you can become extinct!!

A famous quote from Spencer Johnson used in his international bestseller “Who Moved My Cheese” tells us the importance of bringing about the change in and around us.
We as human beings enjoy the most being within our comfort zone. We always want things to remain the same. The sense of certainty gives us a strange pleasure. On the other hand any kind of changes brings along fear and anxiety. That is the prime reason why we resist any major changes coming our way. We always think we can get away with it. And when the situations turn unfavorable, instead of accepting the change we enter the denial mood and start blaming things in and around us.
But we forget that if there is no change there is no improvement as well. The sameness may be enjoyable for a while but after a point of time it becomes monotonous. It stagnate our life and challenges the mere purpose of our existence in this world.
On the other hand, change brings about a new dimension to our life. Not all changes seem positive and healthy at the beginning but as we move ahead they offer us new opportunities to grow and flourish. The new challenges that it brings in front of us show us a new direction. If only we trust ourselves and move ahead, a simple change can bring out the best in us.
In the book, Hem undergoes the denial mode and isn’t ready to accept the absence of cheese. Even after a lot of persuasion by Haw, he fails to look at the new situation and the possibility of something better lying ahead of it. Whereas Haw overcomes his fear and moves on to find a new Cheese station full of cheese.
Even Darwin’s theory of evolution points out this fact. The theory of survival of the fittest states that the individuals who best adapt to the environment are the ones who will most likely survive. They possess variations that give that give them a selective advantage.
Similarly the sooner a person accepts the change, the better are his chances to take the advantage of it. Just like Darwin said once,
“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”