Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

Roses, Chocolates, Gifts, and Heart –shaped cards...Finally the day has arrived and you can see the excessive red all around: P!!As they all say …”Love Is In The Air”…

And where some hearts are humming their own tune… radio airwaves are being flooded by the romantic songs... So, here is my list of favorite romantic songs and I am sure they are bound to make you fall in love…

1.Kuch Iss Tarah :-The melodious number from Atif Aslam will just makes your heart sing .It reminds you of school and college days when you wrote poems and composed songs on your guitar for your sweetheart.

2.Baahon ke Darmiyan:-This one from Khamoshi is perfect when you don’t find the right words to express your feelings. The soulful number from Salman –Manisha starrer is still quite popular.

3.Tujhe Dekha toh Yeh:-A romantic number from the most romantic film ever. The song ,just like the movie ,is popular for the SRK- Kajol chemistry!!!

4.Tauba Tumhare yeh ishare:- This one from Chalte-Chalte ,is a sensuous number from Rani and SRK!!Perfectly captures the romantic mood…:P

5.Tera Hone Laga hun:- This number is currently topping the charts... With a sizzling Ranbeer-Kaif chemistry and mesmerizing voice of atif what else you can ask for!!Perfect combination!!

6.Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum:- The old number from Amitabh - Rekha starrer “Silsila”.. Released in 1981 gave way to a lot of rumors because of the sizzling and rocking on-screen chemistry between Rekha and Amitabh. Even though the rumors died soon but the song continues to rule the charts...

7.Chand Chuppa Badal mein & Hum Dil De chuke sanam: - The two songs from Aish-salman-Ajay starrer...they can still make your heart melt…

8.Ab mujhe Raat Din: - This one from Sonu Nigam’s album Deewana... Absolutely enchanting!!!

9.Saiyaan:-This Kailash Kher number is completely different from the league and one of the most critically acclaimed songs by Kher.

10.Mujhe Raat Din: - This one from sangharsh .. (I guess the only thing most people like to remember about this film): P!!!!

For me, these are the most romantic and melodious songs , perfect for this occasion...for all those who are with their valentines you can surely dedicate one of these to your valentine or even better... sing it out to them and I assure you wont need to be Rafi to strike a cord with your partner ;)!!!
And for those who are spending this year alone... keep listening to these songs and feel the Love in the air!!And probably these would encourage you to find a valentine before the next valentine…:P:P!!!
Happy Valentine’s Day :) :)!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The TOP-5 Friends!!!!!

From the day we are born to the day we take our last breath, we come across so many people who become a part of our life. Some of them are immediate family or distant relatives but most of them are ‘FRIENDS’. And no doubt, these days’ friends rule the larger part of the life of our ‘Youngistan’ generation.

Friends keep entering and exiting our lives but what stays forever is their unique essence and color of friendship. Each friendship brings with itself a new flavor that’s different from the other .And this is because of the different genre of people, of different tastes and temperaments; we come across in our life. Here is my list of the top 5 friend’s type…A must have in your own gang to spice up your life!!!

1. The ‘Hangout’ friend: - This is the one who will always accompany you to all the hangouts, ready with shopping plans, treats, parties or just the usual sightseeing for time-pass. They will make plans for hangouts, list out all the places, watch out for events in and around your place. And of course, end up coming with you even if u forgot to invite them :)!!

2. The Worldly –Wise friend: - This one will be full of worthy advice for you. More like the agony –aunt, they will solve all problems ranging from a fight with your best friend or a sour relationship. They won’t really tell you the dos and don’ts but will always prevent you from taking the wrong direction .The ones you can always depend upon and look up to in difficult situations and they will surely guide you on the right path.

3. The Empathizer:-This one, better known as “The Listener”, is quite an important one. And that is because they are the ones who will help you to sail through your tough times just by being at your side, listening to your stories with unwavered concern and attention. They will always be present to give you a shoulder to cry or (in case of guys) a pat on the back to bring you out of your low moods.

4. The Funny Pal: - Another of a must have in your group of friends. They will bring with them their bags of laughter, jokes and witty comments. So you will never find yourself bored in their company. They are the people who are happy and content with their lives and always look at the brighter side of the picture. They enjoy being happy and making people around them happy as well.

5. The Virtual friend:- Now, in this age of social networking, how can I forget them!! They are the people you just stumble upon Orkut, Facebook, and MySpace... etc etc...And then with passing time (and regular chats of course) you make an emotional connection (virtual though) with them. They are the ones you talk about anything and everything going on in your life without revealing your identity and without the tension of being blown out –of –proportion. And of course sometimes they help you to expand your horizons and look out at the world outside your own group of friends.

Although there are other types as well-like the one who will give you all the gossips for your spicy chats or the one with a similar passion as yours, but you will find the shades of them in these five as well.

So, which type of friend do you think you are……?????

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hazarron Khawaishein Kuch Aisiii….

Dreams. Dreams .Dreams. We keep on dreaming about big and small things... day in day out... wishing they get granted as soon as possible...and time to time they are fulfilled as well.. But the thing that doesn’t go away is the Want… the insatiable desire to get more...more than what we have... or at least more than what others have... :P

But how many times do we sit back and think do we really deserve what we have already got…and appreciate what God has bestowed upon us keeping immense faith in us…You really do when one day suddenly you are splurged with all your wishes…I have experienced it.. Not once but twice and mind it... it feels amazing... it’s like everything is moving around on your whims and fancies…

Always the one to fantasize things, drafts wish lists and pre plan every single event , I used get a little sad when things didn’t go exactly the same way( or should I say MY WAY).. No matter how much I tried to hide it or ignore it...But on those days God didn’t give me a chance for that... I got not just what I thought of... but also those tiny ones which I had long forgotten about, being used to the fact that they are not worth worrying about…

One of those days was 3rd September 2009 when I got my first job…and the other was my birthday ( when I got my first teddy, first high heels, first blog, first…the list is long :P).Now I know what you are thinking.. How stupid a person can be to keep these two widely incomparable achievements together? But who cares... :P

And that’s because today I realize how stupid we are when we keep on running after things that we don’t get, ignoring the hundreds and thousands of wonderful though small surprises that keep springing up every moment of our life. We choose not to pay attention or even smile back at them for the simple reason that we think it’s too sub- standard to be happy about tiny things. We are too busy pursuing BIGGER things in life. No doubt, there is so much to achieve in this ever-competing world... (Where u can win or lose a 10m$ race by microseconds or is it nano-seconds..: P) and I never said to stop running after the big things...But I still feel its not a good enough reason to miss those thousands of smiling moments...that may not just brighten up your life... but also the world around you…Just try it once…!!!! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Beginning....

Whenever I get down to write something, I always end up blank or writing something sounding foolish.Its not that I have nothing to say or tell.. in fact it’s the opposite way.. there are like hundreds and thousands of thoughts and ideas floating in my mind, waiting to get the right medium to come out in open, fighting for survival, pushing each other to get the chance first………just like a school kid fighting for half a mark to pass in a 100 marks paper……:P
But this time I realised it better to just write out whatever comes in my mind… umm.. just like a flowing river…or leave it on d thoughts to fight their own battle in my mind.. n just reward the one which wins!!!:)
Well.. now of course..there is only one thought that has successfully managed to keep roaming in my mind..about the big day of my lyf… that comes every year:P!! ya ya I know.. how kiddish n over the top it is to be soooo excited about your birthday.. after all it repeats every year .. what is so new about it.. all said and down…(in fact I can hear the giggles even now) but I guess.. I cant help but be happy and excited( actually super-excited in my own words..)this is the way I like to celebrate.. and just be thankful for this wonderful Gift of Life!!!And I believe this the best way I can give back to God who has been so kind on me to provide me with all the beautiful things:- family, friends,success , happiness.. but most important Satisfaction… !!To just be happy with my life and the way its going!
Ahhh I know .. its sounding very cliche.. idealistically boring… but this realisation has come after a long struggle.. the struggle called life…Running after numbers, rat race, gossiping, feeling emotionally sick,fighting on minutest of things, getting sudden bursts of anger( mind it I still get them…but now making a conscious effort to keep them away!), facing rejections after rejections… but when I sit back and think calmly I can see the goodness around me…. That I missed in the hyperactive state of mind..And that’s when I realise that its easiest to be irritated, annoyed, angry, dejected.. but its most difficult to hold your nerves and stay calm and smile in the toughest moments of life. And just be happy for all the good things in your life!!
Well now that this piece is going nowhere…I ll just like to end it here…but before I do that ..I just want to thank all my friends and my dear ones.. who have , in one way or the other, helped me to be a better person( I know most of them wont agree ..:P) and have added new shades in my life, making it just not colourful but delightful as well!!!!Thanks guys..luv u lots…Hope the bond of togetherness grows stronger in this coming year of my lyf…
And in the end this one is for myself…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!Hope to have a rocking 21st year !!! Let it begin..:):)