Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to Books!!

After so much neglect and in-numerous excuses I kept making up in my mind, I have got back  to my supposed first love ..BOOKS!! And this time I hope this goes a long way and I just don't leave things midway. Although  I still have to do something to fix the wandering mind of mine , I know that this is the only time I have. So its a do or die situation... or I should rather call it (MBA)CALL or FALL situation!!:P

Just a short 'n'sweet update!!Keep watching this space for more :)!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thats what I listen to...

..when I feel  low and see my determination failing...

Dhundhla jayein jo manzilein ,
Ek pal ko tu nazar jhukaaa...
Jhuk jaye sir jahan wahin,
Milta hai rab ka rastaaa...
Teri Kismat tu badal de,
Rakh Himmat bas chalde!
Tere Saath hi mere Kadmon ke hain nishaann..
Tu naa jane...Aas pass hai Khuda!!!!

Motivating words :)!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Partying Hard and Paining Harder!!

So yesterday we had our Project Party at Runway 9!!And why I am writing this post today because the body-ache and swollen feet is not letting me get over it.So I thought why not bring it out here.

This party was long due since our project completed an client implementation successfully and apparently the Client was too happy to continue working with us  (which means more work :( but also more parties ;)!)
And this place Runway 9 is a famous Go Karting place in Hyderabad. And what a thrill it was to just zoom around in that kart vehicle. and somehow I managed to arrange an extra ticket , so i got to experience the adrenaline rush twice!!!:)

And after that we had a game of cricket which was fun too with both the teams employing all sorts of methods of cheating!:P
Not to forget we good some goodies from our project leaders as well!!
Then came the best part when we had an amazing DJ playing all the more amazing songs. And even though
I was wearing heels I couldn't stop myself from grooving!
And this is how I ended up waking with an extremely bad body ache and swollen feet!!And strangely , I am not even regretting it!:)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

World Cup 2011 is ours!!

It feels like dream come true, witnessing a World Cup win!!!
And just imagine, if this what more than 100 crores of us  feel , who have practically no contribution in lifting the WORLD CUP ( apart from praying, forwarding some amazing messages around the country and screaming and shouting our hearts out!!!) .Just imagine what  the Dhoni  & Co. would be feeling at this very moment. Surprised, Shocked, Happy, Satisfied???

I think there is no perfect adjective that can describe the feeling!! And  to even imagine being in their shoes is impossible!! Its not just the efforts they did in the last month  that counts, but those that have been going on for years, listening to the wishes of  the crowd of millions, taking on the media criticism, still going on the field and finally realizing the  DREAM that every Indian was praying for !!

Thank you to the whole Team who have given us such amazing moments of joy!!And a special mention to the Little Master , who every body anticipates was playing his last World Cup( I hope its  WRONG!!)

SACHIN, you may not have had the best of your performance in this tournament .. but you will always be our GOD of Cricket!!!:)

And to the Indian Cricket Team ...
"Jiyo Khiladi Wahe Wahe":):)