Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Exactly 365 days back....

...Just around this time... I was sitting in the train, Rajdhani to be precise, travelling alone for the first time.. devoid of sleep...contemplating how my new life in a new city would be.And today after a year of experiencing happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, jubilation and what not in Hyderabad, I think I have got more than what I expected. Don't know where the whole year just flew away..the last day in Delhi is still so livid in my memories...

I could see how reluctantly mumma packed my bags,trying to hide her emotions at the same time by being so excited for the new journey I was about to make. My dad who literally cannot live without me, who always felt more pain than myself when I got hurt, who woke up for early morning so that I won't feel lonely while studying for exams...for whom I will always be his "beta"..he put aside all his feeling to let me follow my  dreams!!
My one and only  lovely sis .. who was never my Di.. was always a buddy. We used to shout,scream,love, laugh,shop, hang out together.. she was my life and I was hers..That day she cried when I was packing my bags and at that moment I saw my strength wavering.

But today here I am, writing this post sitting in my room in Hyderabad with my mind fresh with those memories.
No doubt the wonderful time I have had in Hyderabad, the emotions I have experienced, the love,care and affection of friends I have got here is incomparable.But can never ever stop missing the wonderful life I left behind..Love u always MOM , DAD n SIS!!:)

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