Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day!!

To all the Lovely ladies out there, Happy Women's Day!!:)

I know I know.. for some of you this is again a cliche just like our very own V-day, just a more sophisticated one. But, I see it more relevant these days more so in the Indian context. With the growing women professional work force and changing outlook of the society, the awareness about the female potential needs to reach out to masses in the very interiors of the nation.

Seeing my organization (basically a US firm) bringing its culture of promoting gender diversity at workplace to the Indian offices is really heartwarming. Talking about their efforts, we have well structured WIN (Women INitiative) program that not only helps women professionals to grow within the organisation   by balancing their personal and professional commitments but also projecting it as an initiative to foster cordial environment to foster workplace diversity.

But does it really bring a change here?Some time back I was reading an article about why  even after so many programmes , the representation of women at senior leadership is low worldwide. I know some back out or slow down due to personal life commitments. But even doing so has a reason behind it. Women as individuals are not very assertive about our abilities , our work, our knowledge, our skills at least not as much as our male counterparts.

We are mostly, the kind of staff that will do there work with perfection in a timely manner but will never brag or even talk about it . We prefer to remain modest, we are taught from kindergarten not to expect or claim rewards for what we do. Precisely that why we remain happy  with performing the job give to us with the best of our abilities. We leave it for the world to  discover and appreciate it.

But in this chaotic world, where everybody is trying to have his/her share of pie, things go unnoticed or even if noticed are not well rewarded. Not because they are not up to the mark, but they haven't heard about it much or marketed well!!

So, the need of the hour is to make the women folks feel more confident about themselves so that they can project themselves in a better way to the outer world. Celebrating IWD is one such way to bring forward the women professionals encouraging them to take charge of their lives and careers, putting up their best face to the world :)!!

And what best day to Celebrate Women's day with, Holi!! After all we add colour to this amazing world :)!!
Happy Holi everyone!! 

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