Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Beginning....

Whenever I get down to write something, I always end up blank or writing something sounding foolish.Its not that I have nothing to say or tell.. in fact it’s the opposite way.. there are like hundreds and thousands of thoughts and ideas floating in my mind, waiting to get the right medium to come out in open, fighting for survival, pushing each other to get the chance first………just like a school kid fighting for half a mark to pass in a 100 marks paper……:P
But this time I realised it better to just write out whatever comes in my mind… umm.. just like a flowing river…or leave it on d thoughts to fight their own battle in my mind.. n just reward the one which wins!!!:)
Well.. now of course..there is only one thought that has successfully managed to keep roaming in my mind..about the big day of my lyf… that comes every year:P!! ya ya I know.. how kiddish n over the top it is to be soooo excited about your birthday.. after all it repeats every year .. what is so new about it.. all said and down…(in fact I can hear the giggles even now) but I guess.. I cant help but be happy and excited( actually super-excited in my own words..)this is the way I like to celebrate.. and just be thankful for this wonderful Gift of Life!!!And I believe this the best way I can give back to God who has been so kind on me to provide me with all the beautiful things:- family, friends,success , happiness.. but most important Satisfaction… !!To just be happy with my life and the way its going!
Ahhh I know .. its sounding very cliche.. idealistically boring… but this realisation has come after a long struggle.. the struggle called life…Running after numbers, rat race, gossiping, feeling emotionally sick,fighting on minutest of things, getting sudden bursts of anger( mind it I still get them…but now making a conscious effort to keep them away!), facing rejections after rejections… but when I sit back and think calmly I can see the goodness around me…. That I missed in the hyperactive state of mind..And that’s when I realise that its easiest to be irritated, annoyed, angry, dejected.. but its most difficult to hold your nerves and stay calm and smile in the toughest moments of life. And just be happy for all the good things in your life!!
Well now that this piece is going nowhere…I ll just like to end it here…but before I do that ..I just want to thank all my friends and my dear ones.. who have , in one way or the other, helped me to be a better person( I know most of them wont agree ..:P) and have added new shades in my life, making it just not colourful but delightful as well!!!!Thanks guys..luv u lots…Hope the bond of togetherness grows stronger in this coming year of my lyf…
And in the end this one is for myself…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!Hope to have a rocking 21st year !!! Let it begin..:):)


  1. Written from Depths of Heart...
    V well written and smoothly flowing... :)
    Applause!! :: 0 ::

  2. well written....adb fr future.. :)


  4. sm1 has grown up and lives life to the fullest cn bring out her emotions nw....and look at life with brightness in her eyes..amazing blog
    :) keep it up

  5. HAppy B'day
    Arey khao piyo ash karo mitro :)

  6. Thanku guys.Hope more comments keep pouring in..:)