Friday, January 22, 2010

Hazarron Khawaishein Kuch Aisiii….

Dreams. Dreams .Dreams. We keep on dreaming about big and small things... day in day out... wishing they get granted as soon as possible...and time to time they are fulfilled as well.. But the thing that doesn’t go away is the Want… the insatiable desire to get more...more than what we have... or at least more than what others have... :P

But how many times do we sit back and think do we really deserve what we have already got…and appreciate what God has bestowed upon us keeping immense faith in us…You really do when one day suddenly you are splurged with all your wishes…I have experienced it.. Not once but twice and mind it... it feels amazing... it’s like everything is moving around on your whims and fancies…

Always the one to fantasize things, drafts wish lists and pre plan every single event , I used get a little sad when things didn’t go exactly the same way( or should I say MY WAY).. No matter how much I tried to hide it or ignore it...But on those days God didn’t give me a chance for that... I got not just what I thought of... but also those tiny ones which I had long forgotten about, being used to the fact that they are not worth worrying about…

One of those days was 3rd September 2009 when I got my first job…and the other was my birthday ( when I got my first teddy, first high heels, first blog, first…the list is long :P).Now I know what you are thinking.. How stupid a person can be to keep these two widely incomparable achievements together? But who cares... :P

And that’s because today I realize how stupid we are when we keep on running after things that we don’t get, ignoring the hundreds and thousands of wonderful though small surprises that keep springing up every moment of our life. We choose not to pay attention or even smile back at them for the simple reason that we think it’s too sub- standard to be happy about tiny things. We are too busy pursuing BIGGER things in life. No doubt, there is so much to achieve in this ever-competing world... (Where u can win or lose a 10m$ race by microseconds or is it nano-seconds..: P) and I never said to stop running after the big things...But I still feel its not a good enough reason to miss those thousands of smiling moments...that may not just brighten up your life... but also the world around you…Just try it once…!!!! :)


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  2. hmm..rightly said.
    As I always tell you, that sometimes we get more than what we deserve and sometimes less. So it's better that we appreciate what God has given us rather than fretting about what we didn't get(though,may be we deserved it.) And at the same time we shouldn't let our dreams, doesn't matter however small or stupid they might be, affected by the stereotype BIG dreams imposed upon us by the society.

  3. In my opinion, tiny things make what life is all about. A simple thing as drinking water can make you happy. I believe in living the life to the fullest. Why think about what others would construe about it.

  4. Ya gautam.. thats exactly what i wanted to say!Small things can bring great joy!!:)