Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

Roses, Chocolates, Gifts, and Heart –shaped cards...Finally the day has arrived and you can see the excessive red all around: P!!As they all say …”Love Is In The Air”…

And where some hearts are humming their own tune… radio airwaves are being flooded by the romantic songs... So, here is my list of favorite romantic songs and I am sure they are bound to make you fall in love…

1.Kuch Iss Tarah :-The melodious number from Atif Aslam will just makes your heart sing .It reminds you of school and college days when you wrote poems and composed songs on your guitar for your sweetheart.

2.Baahon ke Darmiyan:-This one from Khamoshi is perfect when you don’t find the right words to express your feelings. The soulful number from Salman –Manisha starrer is still quite popular.

3.Tujhe Dekha toh Yeh:-A romantic number from the most romantic film ever. The song ,just like the movie ,is popular for the SRK- Kajol chemistry!!!

4.Tauba Tumhare yeh ishare:- This one from Chalte-Chalte ,is a sensuous number from Rani and SRK!!Perfectly captures the romantic mood…:P

5.Tera Hone Laga hun:- This number is currently topping the charts... With a sizzling Ranbeer-Kaif chemistry and mesmerizing voice of atif what else you can ask for!!Perfect combination!!

6.Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum:- The old number from Amitabh - Rekha starrer “Silsila”.. Released in 1981 gave way to a lot of rumors because of the sizzling and rocking on-screen chemistry between Rekha and Amitabh. Even though the rumors died soon but the song continues to rule the charts...

7.Chand Chuppa Badal mein & Hum Dil De chuke sanam: - The two songs from Aish-salman-Ajay starrer...they can still make your heart melt…

8.Ab mujhe Raat Din: - This one from Sonu Nigam’s album Deewana... Absolutely enchanting!!!

9.Saiyaan:-This Kailash Kher number is completely different from the league and one of the most critically acclaimed songs by Kher.

10.Mujhe Raat Din: - This one from sangharsh .. (I guess the only thing most people like to remember about this film): P!!!!

For me, these are the most romantic and melodious songs , perfect for this occasion...for all those who are with their valentines you can surely dedicate one of these to your valentine or even better... sing it out to them and I assure you wont need to be Rafi to strike a cord with your partner ;)!!!
And for those who are spending this year alone... keep listening to these songs and feel the Love in the air!!And probably these would encourage you to find a valentine before the next valentine…:P:P!!!
Happy Valentine’s Day :) :)!!!!!

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  1. Kuch Iss Tarah, Tujhe Dekha toh Yeh, Tera Hone Laga hun, Chand Chuppa Badal mein & Hum Dil De chuke sanam are my favs also. :)