Thursday, February 11, 2010

The TOP-5 Friends!!!!!

From the day we are born to the day we take our last breath, we come across so many people who become a part of our life. Some of them are immediate family or distant relatives but most of them are ‘FRIENDS’. And no doubt, these days’ friends rule the larger part of the life of our ‘Youngistan’ generation.

Friends keep entering and exiting our lives but what stays forever is their unique essence and color of friendship. Each friendship brings with itself a new flavor that’s different from the other .And this is because of the different genre of people, of different tastes and temperaments; we come across in our life. Here is my list of the top 5 friend’s type…A must have in your own gang to spice up your life!!!

1. The ‘Hangout’ friend: - This is the one who will always accompany you to all the hangouts, ready with shopping plans, treats, parties or just the usual sightseeing for time-pass. They will make plans for hangouts, list out all the places, watch out for events in and around your place. And of course, end up coming with you even if u forgot to invite them :)!!

2. The Worldly –Wise friend: - This one will be full of worthy advice for you. More like the agony –aunt, they will solve all problems ranging from a fight with your best friend or a sour relationship. They won’t really tell you the dos and don’ts but will always prevent you from taking the wrong direction .The ones you can always depend upon and look up to in difficult situations and they will surely guide you on the right path.

3. The Empathizer:-This one, better known as “The Listener”, is quite an important one. And that is because they are the ones who will help you to sail through your tough times just by being at your side, listening to your stories with unwavered concern and attention. They will always be present to give you a shoulder to cry or (in case of guys) a pat on the back to bring you out of your low moods.

4. The Funny Pal: - Another of a must have in your group of friends. They will bring with them their bags of laughter, jokes and witty comments. So you will never find yourself bored in their company. They are the people who are happy and content with their lives and always look at the brighter side of the picture. They enjoy being happy and making people around them happy as well.

5. The Virtual friend:- Now, in this age of social networking, how can I forget them!! They are the people you just stumble upon Orkut, Facebook, and MySpace... etc etc...And then with passing time (and regular chats of course) you make an emotional connection (virtual though) with them. They are the ones you talk about anything and everything going on in your life without revealing your identity and without the tension of being blown out –of –proportion. And of course sometimes they help you to expand your horizons and look out at the world outside your own group of friends.

Although there are other types as well-like the one who will give you all the gossips for your spicy chats or the one with a similar passion as yours, but you will find the shades of them in these five as well.

So, which type of friend do you think you are……?????


  1. good one
    well thought out
    and well structured. :) Keep Going...

  2. And mention of Virtual Friend was quite expected from u... :P And description is also befitting. :P

  3. I think I am a mix of the Hangout and the Funny Friend. It depends on the situation actaully, but i love to hangout

  4. I think u are more of a funny pal!!Infact I wrote that type keeping you in mind!:P

    And I am more like the first two!!:)

  5. Hey Komal....

    Nice Article

    I must say that the Catagorization is so perfect that that some or the other way you can include each of your frnd.
    After reading this, I started catagorizing my frnds under these heads...n m sure that every reader wud do the same...

    but 1 thing...instead of asking that last Ques to others, you shud decide that which frnd will fall in which basket..
    bcuz you know ur frnds more then they know themselves....

  6. Ya !! But its a gud practice to keep the post going by such open ended questions!!:)