Sunday, April 3, 2011

World Cup 2011 is ours!!

It feels like dream come true, witnessing a World Cup win!!!
And just imagine, if this what more than 100 crores of us  feel , who have practically no contribution in lifting the WORLD CUP ( apart from praying, forwarding some amazing messages around the country and screaming and shouting our hearts out!!!) .Just imagine what  the Dhoni  & Co. would be feeling at this very moment. Surprised, Shocked, Happy, Satisfied???

I think there is no perfect adjective that can describe the feeling!! And  to even imagine being in their shoes is impossible!! Its not just the efforts they did in the last month  that counts, but those that have been going on for years, listening to the wishes of  the crowd of millions, taking on the media criticism, still going on the field and finally realizing the  DREAM that every Indian was praying for !!

Thank you to the whole Team who have given us such amazing moments of joy!!And a special mention to the Little Master , who every body anticipates was playing his last World Cup( I hope its  WRONG!!)

SACHIN, you may not have had the best of your performance in this tournament .. but you will always be our GOD of Cricket!!!:)

And to the Indian Cricket Team ...
"Jiyo Khiladi Wahe Wahe":):)


  1. YAY!!! It is ours!! Seriously can not describe the feeling & the euphoria!!!hehehehe

  2. Yeah!!I had always heard about the 1983 win but actually watching the team lift the Cup is all together a different story!!:)

  3. for the post that u deleted..u r not asocial..and its perfectly okay to zone out in a group...i do that so many times...and as for something happening..this is probably the most boring time we have ever had in sick of it..

  4. Aanchal, That post was a rough draft got posted by mistake while I was typing . Thats why I deleted it!!