Friday, February 10, 2012

No Regrets.. WhatSoEver!!

You came, you pursued, you convinced, you loved and cared , you had fun, and then you went away...
This is what I see it as now.... What  I lost in the process was nothing in comparison to what you did..I mean after all those efforts of yours, all that time you spent even when you didn't really had much time.. something that keeps on consoling me.. keeps on giving me the strength to keep moving ahead  whenever I wish hard the time stops and rolls back to the time when everything was so rosy... Even though I still wish I could get some answers ...
Sometimes it better to end some chapters of life abruptly..even when they don't end the way you wished!!!


  1. my favourite line in such cases is: Its your loss, not mine". And there are much better things in store for you!

  2. komal, if you completely succeed in just ending some chapter abruptly, please add me as your friend. I wud need your guidance. if you dont succeed, u r not alone!

  3. @Aanchal.. Ya there is lot to look forward to in life :)!!
    @sawan thanks for the support ..I guess it all start with self realization, it takes time but the process itself is an enriching experience!!