Saturday, March 26, 2011

Landing on Heaven!!!

Yes, you guessed it right ..I am talking about Saddi DELHI!!Finally, I am back at home to take a break from the monotonous work !!

And what an amazing flight I had from Hyderabad.'Cuz of the three reasons, which I'll definitely tell by the end of this post!

Day before I was so anxious,I just wanted to move out of my work place.Something was ringing in my head that probably this would be the last time I am going on vacations to my home town( which I hope comes true and I shift back permanently to my City of Hearts!!)And once I packed all  my bags, I got engulfed by the wonderful thoughts of family and friends!!

So coming back to the three reasons..
First one .. I didn't leave for the airport alone.. as the last two times.. It wasn't all that gloomy to begin with!!

Second , the Spice jet actually added some Spice to my journey since this time there were some male staff on board rather than the over make-upped puffed haired air-hostesses;) !And I bet I saw the Cutest Guy on earth (or practically on air).!:)
I had this Huge laptop bag with me. So instead of keeping it in the cabinet on my own.. I sat on my Window seat with the big bag on my lap to invite the cute guy to offer his help!!(Cribbing at the same time why did  I get my Aisle seat changed !)
But even that didn't turn out well.. since the Uncle next to my seat was so generous to ask me to help put my bag on the rack above!! And I had to oblige.
So, I had no other option but to get engrossed with the book!! Only to realise  that my water bottle was missing and I still had a chance to exchange some words with him!!:)

But the best part was when the lights on the plane were switched off  and and I had the chance to gaze outside!!The ground below looked like a maze of lights forming amazingly beautiful shapes and forms.What a view it was .. wish I could just capture that in my camera!
And as we were landing, I could see tiny slow moving LEDs which were actually cars:P!!I got so engrossed with the view  that I almost forgot about the guy!!:P
And finally when  my feet touched the ground,I just couldn't stop humming.. DDDDD.. Delhi ...DDDelhi..!!


  1. hehehehe there is something about Delhi which pulls even me towards it & mind youI haven't stayed there beoynd a fortnight at a stretch but as I said it has something :)

    And even I have spotted some cute guys in Spicejet flights but sigh! they never look at us :(

  2. Hi Smita,

    Ya I too had some hard luck last night!!:(
    But ya ..Delhi has a charm of its own!!It doesn't let you forget it !!
    And if you have spent the first 20 yrs of your life here like me, you just know where the heaven on the world is :):)