Friday, March 11, 2011

Once in a while...

It happens once in a while..
When you feel like the only one around..
You have no reason..
But u still want to cry!!

When you want to be with the One
Who wont tell you to stop...
But will quietly wipe out each drop...
Coming out of your eye!!

Who won't ask you..
To tell something interesting..
But listen to the same things in your life
Like it was new everytime!!

Who will just be..
The easy one to be around..
Even when you won't feel like saying..
but words will  simply pour out!!!


  1. im sure dear "The One" for u is somewhere around the corner..but u r too busy to notice him...just have patience...and stop looking...then u'll see how things change!! :):)

  2. Yeah.. things have changed and I have stopped looking!!:)
    Now i am busy with more imp things!!!
    and get back soon yar!!!Missing you here..:)