Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Dilemma continues.....

I'll be brutally honest..
At this very point of my life I am not sure about anything in my life!!

Am I satisfied with my job??? Do I want to go ahead with higher studies?? Do I want to go back and work in Delhi? Have I really fallen for somebody?? Do I really like writing or its just this phase?

I don't know answers to any of the above questions.. and I am not even getting hints from around....

I am trying hard to get hold of that " inner voice" ,but I really can't hear it apart from garbled up noises in my mind. To the extent  that I believe it would have been  kind if they were totally absent.It's as if i am just walking on a deserted lane turning aimlessly wherever the road bends!!!!

Its kind of disturbing sometimes, to realise I have already spent almost one third of my life and I am still clueless what I want out of the remaining two third of it!!! 
In simple words, I don't know where my life is heading..(Just like this post!!)

In fact I was more sure about my life when I was giving my 10 n 12th board exams.. huhhh.!!Life really becomes complex at it gets old!!!
Everyday I sit alone, trying to tune into what my mind is wants or what my heart craves for...
But the answers are either impossibly stupid or absent altogether!!

I guess I'll just have to wait for that one clue that will make it clear and give me some, if not all answers, my life needs!!!
Till than I'll be busy Reading, Writing and Dancing to the un-tuned songs of my life !!!:):)


  1. i guess im in pretty much the same situation (except for the falling for somebody part..that has already happened :))..and i would totally recommend a holiday!! :):) and stop thinking so much...what has to happen will happen..and keep dancing!! :)

  2. Yeah i know!! i think now its high time I Should stop thinking and get back to some action!!:)
    And ya.. the dancing won't ever stop;)

  3. try trying new stuff.. if you are not sure what next and how.. go ahead and try something new.. good or bad.. keep trying.. at least you would be doing something other than just plain contemplation.

  4. Nice advice.. trying that des days!!:)