Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 0 - Hyderabad Diaries

I know I know.. I am late as usual...
But yesterday was so busy. Last minute packing took away half of the day. And I realised I had hell lot of stuff to take with me even after shipping through movers and packers.

And then all of a sudden there was a weird feeling. And I didn't realize what exactly it was till my cab  drove out of the lane .It was then the tears didn't stop!!

Although all of my friends turned up at my place to wish me good luck with gifts,chocolates, cards and wishes..I was just so lost in my own thoughts.Only when I was alone in the cab driving to the airport, I realized this is a place I might not see for some long time.

But after reaching airport, all the time went away in excess baggage payments, security checks, boarding, etc etc.. And in between kept updating about my located home, ion to my friends minute by minute.
And once I reached home the happiness I saw on my parents face was just amazing. That made be forget everything!:)

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  1. Oh, even I wrote Mumbai Diaries when in Bombay...10 of them..