Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My creations!!!!:)

A few days back , I posted an ambigram here.. but I am not sure if many people know what it really is.I ll come to that.. but a short story before that...

Only a few people know , that apart from dancing I have another passion . And that is painting.
But some how  in the "Rat Race" to come first everywhere..the paint brushes and the colour pens got ignored..

Some time back in  college, a  junior of mine told me about a new art "AMBIGRAMS". It was not only interesting but challenging with ever new thing you try to create..

To here I was again with my pens and pencils..

"Ambigrams are basically typographical designs which may be read as one or more word in its form as presented but also from another viewpoint , orientation and direction."

Below is one of such art form that i have tried to create...



  1. Had never heard of this but it has come out really well!!! :)

  2. nice!! would love to see more! :)

  3. ya.. I ll come up with more soon!!:)

  4. A nice piece of creativity.....
    and the word choosen (SMILE)is the best part of it...

    just a relation I found...

    Smile-- when your life is going Upside Down, or downside Up...
    It will always make life easy for you..

    A perfect match of a Word and ART.

    Keep smiling.

  5. Snehil
    Nice Interpretation!!:):)