Friday, February 18, 2011

From the End to the Beginning!!!

I realised that I have stayed away from my blog for too long. So many things have happened since I last wrote.And so much is still going on,which I want to write about.
But that isn't the only reason.

Being at a new place (Although its almost 8 months here) among new people(Even when I have grown close to a few of them), it's difficult to find a person with whom the words could come out without the effort!!

I figured out it was best to talk to my blog, for two simple reasons:-

1) It won't give me raised eyebrows ^ ^ while i talk about some things.
2) And It won't get to know more than what I say from my face...( both things my friends are good at!!!!)

So where should I start from???
The end of college life or the beginning of the office life ....

~~~From spending day and night doing vella panti on campus  to being irritated sitting without work in office
~~~Returning to the same chaotic but cheerful home after college to coming back from office to an empty silent house
~~~From desperately waiting for weekends to end  to go back to college friends.. to having "Thank God its Friday" feeling on almost all Fridays..
~~~From having mom-cooked Rajma Chawal  on Sunday Lunch to making Maggi dishearteningly or skipping lunch altogether

Do i miss my previous life ??
Well can't say about that since there are things that i have started to like...

--->Doing something without giving it too much a thought
--->Staying out of home late night
--->Watching senseless movies for a single reason of having nothing else to do
--->Going out to eat just to try out the new restaurant that has opened down the street( or actually  because I don't feel like cooking at home:P)
--->And saying 'Yes' for things i would have otherwise definitely said no to !!!

The two lives, contradicting though, have now become a part of me.
And I don't want to let go of any one of them.I guess I just want to have... "The Best of Both Worlds" !!!! :)


  1. Having switched over from there to here I know what you are goign through. Trust me it is a phase which will pass and you will start enjoying this life as well. Not that you won't miss That life but once u will have loads of work u will miss these days as well :)

  2. Yeah! now when I go to my hometown , I keep thinking what would be going on here!!and vice versa..:P