Sunday, February 27, 2011

I 'll be waiting...

The sun rises and reaches above,
When i wake up,
You are there...
In the thoughts of my mind..
And I wait to see you near!!

Then the day goes by,
And I wish I could stay.
But my mind fights back to make me leave,
'Coz it's difficult to see and bear
That You hardly Care!!

But still the hope is there,
All night I am up...
Just in wait of the Buzz
That is hard to come....

And when i give up fighting 
I just sleep and say in heart that...
I' ll be waiting....


  1. actually u got to be writer...this one is not just go through once, i had to read it twice to get the inside out

  2. @ bhawna.. your comment is flattering:)!! thanx