Monday, February 28, 2011

Strange Saturday: A Boring "Wedding" but a grand "Reception" Dinner!! ;)

So After the freaking Friday here was the weekend and we all friends wanted to make the most out of it!!We had huge hopes from the movie "Tanu weds Manu" 'coz of some rocking songs in the promos and we had booked the tickets in advance.

But we didn't have the slightest idea that it would be such a big disappointment!!!!
I wanted to walk out but somehow we stayed ,in the hope that something will come up to excite us and feel good about the over all picture.But Kangana kept on with her loose acting and loud make up to ruin the efforts being put by supporting cast and Madhavan!!

Then, finally the nightmare got over.We sulked a bit over it,Me doing the most part of it and exaggerating my comments(now I feel Kangana has somehow managed to get into me at that time!!!)
Then we went off to wish one of office friend who was recently gifted with a lovely baby girl 'PARI'!!!
And it was really worth it, seeing the cutie. Although she looked a bit fragile, but that couldn't take away the innocence and the softness from her.I was too scared to even touch her and hurt her!!

And as all this was going on,we all were all having hunger pangs!!So we all headed to Bikanerwala which we heard was near by.But even that 5-10 minutes journey in the auto felt like eternity :P!!And finally we reached.

Personally for me it was heaven to just even enter it..the whole feel of Delhi came back!!!
And i know all delhities (or rather Northies) would identify with me.The whole essence and smell of food like that cannot have that anywhere else in this world!!!
In Delhi, Bikanerwala used to be a regular eating out joint for me and my friends.Now that i was all excited, we ordered loads of food. starting from chole bhature, pav bhaji, dhokla khandwi, aloo tikki, papdi chat and not to forget panipuri!!:)
And although we all gulped everything so fast .. that we were stomach-full very soon,but we couldn't stop but have the desserts.So we had lassi and faluda to just give it a perfect ending!!
And apart we all got ourselves packed a box of sweets as gifts!!;)

So although the "Wedding" wasn't that great,but we thoroughly enjoyed the "RECEPTION" at  Bikanerwala!!:)

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