Saturday, January 21, 2012

7 Days to go- Hyderabad Diaries

By the end of this day, I will be left with exactly one week before I bid my adios to the City of Nawabs. Being the only place other than my home town Delhi, where I have stayed for so long, it has actually grown on me. So much so that, I am actually nervous about going back home and starting my life again in Delhi after more than one and a half years.To capture all the last moments I spend in Hyderabad, I have decided to write a day by day entry of my happenings here.

For the last few days, I have kept my friends busy with the task of making my last days fun-filled and memorable here. And they are trying their way best , and I always end up being emotional after seeing their love, care and affection.

Watch out this space for the next few days of Hyderabad fun. Untill then, enjoy!!:)


  1. Living few years away from your home town is one experience that is necessary for everyone.Enjoy the freedom

  2. Ya, I realized this after living here. It has been an enriching experience:)!!!In fact now i suggest my friends to go out and stay away from home for some time.:P