Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 3 - Hyderabad Diaries

What a day !! Unbelievably amazing!
Today everything fell into place, everything happened as I had thought in mind. Awesome time with awesome friends.  Although beginning of the day was not at all same.

Woke up at 10 (strangely didn't hear any of the three alarms I had set for today). By the time I freshened up and reached downstairs, the breakfast was over. Shit, I was just late by 2-3 minutes. Hungry and disappointed, I came back to my room and called the room service for tea which I knew wouldn't come before half an hour. But  as soon as I put down mu receiver, my cell started ringing. It was from movers and packers and they had arrived at just the right time to spoil my morning tea. But, finally everything was packed and shipped and I had all the documents. When the guys left, I looked at the watch and it was already 12.30.
I knew I had to rush to get ready for the 1o'clock lunch. so had to forget everything about the breakfast and the tea.

Bas phir pahauche Lunch ke liye, We talked , laughed , ate. It was fun. Food was good and the fact that i was so hungry I didn't care much about the taste at that time :P!!
I got over with the lunch to go to another outing with another set of friends.This was one place I really wanted to see before leaving hyderabad . And finally we were on our way to Dhola-ri-Dhani , the rajasthai resort in Hyderabad.
The plans had got cancelled so many times that I had lost all hope that i ll be able to see that place before leaving and actually didn't do any efforts to organize the trip again. But thanks to some friends who got all the people together and organized for all the tickets and transport. And it actually turned out to be one of the best outings i have had so far here. Camel  ride, swings,Boating, Dandiya, Garba, Puppet show and what not. And even after a sad Welcome drink and humorless comedy show, We had a  blast out there.And I realized that its never the place but the company that matters if you want to enjoy your time.
One of the memorable days here for sure!! Love my friends for doing this for me !!:)
Last day at office tomorrow, hoping to get something good out of it !!Now really tired , time to doze.. catch you tomorrow here with a new post !!:)


  1. Seems like the best day in past couple of weeks. :)

  2. Ya, it was the best :)!! Had loads of fun that day ...