Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 6 - Hyderabad Diaries

A quiet day. Rather boring. Nothing exciting or even slightly interesting happened. Apart from a friend, who although in the middle of a training was more interested in messaging me to describe how hot his trainer looked!!:P

One thing that I was happy about  was completing filling up all the college forms. Actually the ones in which I can afford to think about applying with my below-average CAT score. And whatever meager work I had, kept me busy for the next two hours. After then, most of the time was spent in chatting, visiting Barista and the Tea stalls in office before I packed my bags.

Although, I have a immediate task of packing my stuff for the Movers and Packers guy to pick that up... but I am so not in the mood to do it. I know it's going to make me all emotional!!

Update:- The packing doesn't make me emotional. Its irritating and confusing me,what to keep  what to ship and what to throw or leave behind!! This is  really a tough job!!phew...

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