Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 4 - Hyderabad Diaries

Delightful in one word.. Although I realized it only at the end of the day :)!!

All the troubles of yesterday got sorted out. Found my hard disk, got my stuff from friend's place, and now I don't give a damn about the project. My days in Hyderabad are now really less and I want to enjoy it.

Office was good as well. Didn't get time to sort out my project issues. But at the end I realized I have better things to think about and be happy for them rather then thinking and worrying about something that was not in my hand.

So ,in a happy mood , I left to meet some of my friends in other office and later to collect my stuff from friend's place. Thanks to a friend who helped to carry all those heavy cartons even though he was himself injured !! Finally with all the stuff with me, I started the big task of consolidating all the stuff I will ship it to Delhi through movers and packers. And almost done with it.

In the midst of all this ,today I actually started getting vibes from my friends and colleagues in office that a few days later I will be at some other place. No longer a cubicle will bear my name card. No longer the mails to Consulting-Hyderabad will reach my inbox. No longer I will be able to see my friends daily No longer I ll have them to guide me and make me calm down in my tense moments. No longer I will have there company for a cup of tea at Tapri or a plate of chat at cafeteria.

Day after tomorrow will be my last day at Hyderabad office. Don't know how will I fare through Delhi days but I will surely miss Hyderabad moments!! Though, I am positive that some of my friends will keep getting married and give me excuses to land here once in a while ;)!!

Now, tomorrow I have the whole day planned with friends. Will let you know how it went. Until then, Cheers:)!!


  1. You're doing well for me because i am new in this field and got useful information for me. Thanks for posting and hope you'll continue posting..

  2. Shifting to a new place sounds so fun, hope Delhi is as good for you

  3. Ya , hope so too. But I guess Delhi is a place I will never get bored of. Although I am leaving behind a lot in Hyderabad and will miss that too!!