Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 7- Hyderabad Diaries

Nothing extraordinary, but not bad either!! Strangely I didn't feel like it is the last Sunday I am going to spend here. It was all normal and lazy. Going to bed early on Saturday  was one of the rare things of this weekend (in fact rare thing of the last whole year in Hyderabad!!).And I badly needed it after the continuous outings and dinner I had last  week.

Woke up early to find hot Chole Bhature in breakfast, which I eat till my stomach started to ache :P!! Then , naturally I came up to my room, crawled into my cozy quilt and slept for like  another one or two hours..(they felt like eternity)!!

Though had plans to go out as I am on Roam-all- around-Hyderabad mode ever since I got to know about my transfer. But they got cancelled at the last minute.So I planned to skip my lunch and spend a quiet time reading while lying on my bed.

And the rest of the day passed by on phone with innumerable calls from packers and movers( silly me to post a request on Sulekha..phew..!!) and super excited  family just waiting so eagerly to see me as soon as possible. And that is what makes me so delightfully happy about going back to my home.

Now after the supper,I  thought about writing this post  before I call it a day.
Tomorrow, I start my last week in Hyderabad office. Hope it has to offer something 'coz I don't want to get bored whole day not at-least this week.

Looking forward to a rocking week ahead !!:)

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