Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 1 - Hyderabad Diaries

It's difficult to describe how you feel when you are leaving a place after staying more than a year, leaving behind your friends, moments, your home your life in the city. I am no different. It has become impossible for me to pen down how I am feeling write now. May be after a day or two , I will be able to express clearly...Till then...

Na kisi ke aane se , naa jane se,
Thamegi naa kisi bahane se,
Rokna bhi chahe ret sa toh,
Fisal jayegi ungliyun taale....


  1. safe trip Komal! And hyd is just a couple of hours away. stay happy stay blesed!

  2. Ya !!I know i ll find excuses to come down to Hyd!!:)Its my second home

  3. Hyderabad is such a GOOD place...I can relate to you since I Was recently transferred from my birth place (Delhi) to B'glore....thats LIFE :)

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  4. Ya I know the moving part is tough, But I am sure you will not regret living away from your home..It's hugely enriching experience.. :)!! All the best for future!!

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